Car sharing initiatives that are changing personal transportation

personal-transportation-futureRevolutionary new social sharing movements have drastically changed the way people view personal transportation in Asia and across the globe. Applications like GrabTaxi, Uber and iCarsClub make it easy for people to get around without owning a car, creating a new car-free movement that is quickly catching on with people of all ages. Car sharing programs offer convenience, affordability and reliability.

What is Car Sharing?

Car sharing is not a new concept, but with the use of technology, it has taken on a new form. Car sharing allows one car owner to share the use and expense of his car with other users, reducing the costs to both owner and user. Car sharing services are most common in urban areas, and are popular in large cities like New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

How The Programs Work

Using Web and mobile applications, car owners list their cars as available and connect with drivers looking for a set of wheels. Some apps like Uber operate as a taxi service, allowing passengers to simply find and request an available car from their smartphones, lining up a ride in minutes.

Studies have shown that many people drive their cars for less than four hours a day, and car sharing programs allow them to make a profit from the other 20 hours when their car would normally be parked.

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